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October 2016

Managing Mental Health - EW Group Video Mental HealthViews from EW

Managing mental health at work

Managing mental health at work   In solidarity with World Mental Health Day, we wanted to share one of our actor-based workplace scenarios on the subject. Watch the video below for an example of best practice for managers faced with an employee in difficult times, whether it's caused by stress,…
James Hogg
October 10, 2016
Suspending Judgement Views from EW

A noble habit – suspending judgment

A noble habit - suspending judgement   Something caught my eye, and I looked up. Through the window, I saw a man running. There were two things that made this unusual. Firstly, he was a bald, portly, middle-aged gentleman running fast. Secondly, there were two police officers running after him.…
Shaun Laubscher
October 7, 2016