Harvey Nash

Creating an unconscious bias e-learning programme for these global recruitment experts

Winner of the 2017 Course of the Year Award from Nimble eLearning.

Harvey Nash wanted to engage their teams in mitigating unconscious bias and the impact it can have on talent attraction and development. They approached us with the task of delivering all-staff training through a suite of online resources.

Unconscious Bias e-learning from EW Group


Our response was to design a bespoke e-learning module centred around Building Inclusive Teams.

The e-learning module featured an interactive introduction to the concept of unconscious bias and the business case for confronting it, based on the latest research.

Learners then watch a series of actor-based videos designed to draw out the potential for bias in managerial decision-making.

Unconscious Bias eLearning at Harvey Nash


The company in question has landed a major talent attraction contract, and the manager is faced with choosing the best candidates for her team. The scenario is then re-run from an alternative perspective, accompanied by questions and other learning checks to highlight what good and bad practice might look like in the workplace.

The acted scenarios were backed up by a practical toolkit that delegates could download and use day-to-day at work.

Participants identified a 96% increase in their understanding and confidence around unconscious bias in the workplace.

These online resources are now made available to all staff at Harvey Nash. Every individual joining the company must complete the course and meet a minimum test score. This will ensure the learning is embedded across the whole organisation.

The programme won the Nimble eLearning Course of the Year Award for 2017.

eLearning Award Winner Unconscious Bias Training
"Diversity and inclusion has become a common language in the business over the past 12 months. The custom e-learning developed by EW Group was a new departure for us but it has had a noticeable effect on our ability to self-reflect and be aware about unconscious bias. The e-learning was embraced by everyone in the company. Working with EW Group enabled us to communicate key messages, new ideas and fresh approaches. The response has been great."
Lisa Jobson, Director of Talent at Harvey Nash
Harvey Nash all-staff unconscious bias elearning programme case study