We’re working to create workplace equality and we can’t do that alone. Our global community is open to everyone who shares this mission. The EW Group network extends from our clients and practitioners to the hundreds of thousands of people who have attended our courses over our 25 years in the diversity business.

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Workplace equality, diversity and inclusion – our shared purpose

We’re passionate about the power of inclusive workplaces. We see it as our role to facilitate opportunities for collaboration and networking across the EW Group community. The challenges of building inclusive cultures are similar for many organisations: by drawing on expertise from across the community we work together to find smart solutions.

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Thought leaders, knowledge sharers – take part in our global community

There are many ways of joining and taking part in the EW Group community. You can talk to us online on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages, or subscribe to our newsletter. We host regular events across our network, often with the support of our fantastic partners. Whether digitally or in person, we like to create open and inclusive forums for debate and knowledge-sharing. Together these will progress us all towards our shared goal of workplace equality.

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Company Culture Podcast Reworked EW Group

Our company culture podcast, Reworked, examines our working lives and takes a fresh look at the way we work. Featuring interviews with thought leaders in organisational culture and workplace inclusion.

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EW Group Blog Unconscious Bias Diversity Inclusion

Read on for the latest thinking on diversity management and inclusive leadership from our team.

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CSR EW Group

Read all about our community-based approach to Corporate and Social Responsibility, including our commitment to volunteer work and local work placements.

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EW Group Partnerships Diversity Inclusion

We've partnered up with a variety of organisations as part of the EW Group community, sharing specialist knowledge and resources for mutual benefit.

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Diversity Inclusion Development Events

Our regular diversity and inclusion events are designed to support you on your diversity journey.

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