Inclusive Cultures Taster Event in Bristol: 21st September 2017

According to this year’s Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, 78% of respondents believe that inclusive cultures drive competitive advantage.

Our bespoke Inclusive Cultures courses are among our most popular sessions. Join us in Bristol over breakfast for a special, small-group demo of our latest immersive exercise on 21st September.

Borne out of a real cultural challenge facing the UK’s armed forces, our short exercise will shine new light on what an inclusive leader must say and do to advance diversity and inclusion at work. It’s designed to take you out of your industry, and your comfort zone. The setting will be unfamiliar, but your learning will be directly applicable to your own business, and we’ll uncover transferable actions to support you in recruiting and retaining diverse talent.

By learning from other sectors, we will leave you with a clearer idea of the strategies, policies and processes required to build more inclusive cultures in the workplace.

The event will be led by EW Group MD Rachael Wilson and Marianne Constans, one of our Inclusive Cultures specialists.

Places are limited. Book yours on the EW Group Eventbrite page.


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