Board and Leadership Development

We design board and senior team development programmes that respond to the unique setting your leaders work in and the challenges they face. Through careful and intelligent facilitation, we can ensure that boards feel a common purpose, focusing their contribution where it is needed most.

EW Group Equality

How do leaders develop with EW Group?

Your senior teams will need to call on their skills as authentic leaders if they are to bring your whole organisation with them on their journey. Creating a leadership and management development programme with us will support you in:

  • Increasing personal effectiveness and leadership skills
  • Growing talent strategically
  • Navigating through change
  • Learning from best practices
  • Building relationships and partnerships
  • Putting together a workable action plan aligned to your organisational goals
  • Developing effective measures of success.
"In my experience boards rarely respond well to mandatory training but the session run for us on equality and diversity by EW Group engaged, energised and enthused our most senior leaders and left them wanting more."
Tim Ryley, Director of Strategic Planning and Performance at NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group

Senior management team development training and coaching programmes tailored to you  

EW Group leadership development courses can be at all levels, from executive coaching to team events.

Some sample themes from our recent development sessions include:

  • Strategic leadership
  • Leadership styles
  • Change management
  • Values-based change
  • Talent management
  • Performance management
  • Unconscious bias in critical decision making
  • Managing conflict in procurement
  • Organisational culture and difference
  • Scrutiny, challenge and appreciative enquiry
  • Risk and accountability.

We'll help you drive change from the very top.

Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to get the full potential out of their staff

Companies with at least 30% of women in leadership or executive positions adds 6% to net profit margin

Board and Leadership Development with EW Group

Leadership development for boards and senior management teams – what to expect

Our design process is collaborative and confidence-building. Your leadership event might be as simple as a facilitated discussion, or the co-creation of a board development plan.

Or we can build in additional features to heighten your leaders’ engagement and bring greater flexibility to their learning. These might include:

  • Webinars
  • Email digests
  • Podcasts
  • Audio-visual content
  • Live scenarios using our team of actors.

All our programmes start with a focus on current good practice and successes, before identifying areas for improvement.

Talk to us about your leadership development challenges.

85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance

Diverse organisations are 45% more likely to improve their market share