System-based thinking – the problem’s Patriarchy, not Patrick

By March 10, 2016Gender, Views from EW

System-based thinking – the problem’s Patriarchy, not Patrick


Caitlin Moran on Patriarchy - Views from EW

Caitlin Moran at the Royal Festival Hall on International Women’s Day – a simply barn-storming performance.

It was heaving, and my group was dragging up the average age quite considerably… Of course I’m used to going to feminist events where that isn’t the case, so it was fantastic to see a sea of people who were at least 20 years younger than me.

Caitlin blasted her way through. It’s patriarchy we want to get rid of, not Patrick. You don’t have to spend years researching before talking about feminism, or be a politician to talk about politics. Being cynical is a position that privileged people can afford to take – the rest of us need to get on with changing the world. How ironic bigotry is still bigotry. If you don’t like something, don’t criticise, do something positive yourself instead. Be nice.

And much more that isn’t quite so repeatable in this blog.

I loved her energy and warmth, and how she has such a distinctive authentic voice that connected with 2,500 people on a cold Tuesday evening, and left us all smiling and laughing and ready to tackle the patriarchy (not Patrick).

Caitlin was being interviewed by Jude Kelly and was reading from her book Moranifesto.