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What is cultural intelligence? Breaking down the buzzword From the BlogViews from EW

What is Cultural Intelligence?

The term 'cultural intelligence' has been making the rounds as the buzzword to know in D&I, but what is cultural intelligence and what is the importance of it for your organisation? Jane Farrell, CEO of EW Group, shares her insights on how cultural intelligence can transform your business.
Jane Farrell
February 13, 2019
Gareth Southgate Inclusive Leadership Inclusive LeadershipViews from EW

When inclusive leadership came home

When inclusive leadership came home   Gareth Southgate – unlikely hero, inclusive leader With news this morning that Southgate tube station in London has been temporarily renamed 'Gareth Southgate', the England manager has emerged as an unexpected model of authentic, inclusive leadership during his team's exploits at the World Cup this…
James Hogg
July 16, 2018
Italian Election: EW Group x Diversity Opportunity - Mariella Bruno Views from EW

Championing Diversity in a Divided Italy

Championing Diversity in a Divided Italy   The Italian election – turbulent times for diversity and inclusion?   This week I was invited to Rome to speak at a conference organised by our Italian partners, Diversity Opportunity. I arrived in Italy at a particularly turbulent time. Only the day before, the…
Rachael Wilson
March 13, 2018
Diversity Communications Best Practice Examples OpinionViews from EW

Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples

Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples   When I'm designing work for clients, I always spend time speaking to employees from across the business about their company culture. One question which regularly comes up from staff, to greater or lesser degrees, is this: "We are already performing well, so why do…
Rachael Wilson
November 10, 2017