A year to remember (for the right reasons)

By December 22, 2016Views from EW

A year to remember (for the right reasons)


Yes, 2016 was a tough year for the ideals of equality, diversity and inclusion. It’s been the year of Brexit and Trump, of populist promises to ‘take back control’ and make countries ‘great again’. Both victories were born out of division, not inclusion, and the troublesome narratives roll on.

But we’re more positive than ever. We know the business case for diversity works, and our growing list of clients know it too. 2016 was the year we took our learning and development services to new heights. In-person and online, we’ve worked together with our clients in exciting new ways to take aim at unconscious bias, set out their own road-maps for culture change, and demonstrate inclusive leadership for the benefit of staff, customers and service users alike.


Building inclusive cultures at work


Actor-based Unconscious Bias Training with EW Group

Our latest demo, at our Festive Party last week, featured an acted scenario based around two teams coming together following a company merger. Cue culture clash, questionable Christmas jumpers, and subtle disadvantage at work.

This time we added creative use of audio to give the audience a moment of insight into the inner monologues of each team member. We used this to highlight how their own unconscious biases came into play in relation to one another and to the group. We also took the time to keep the script full of humour and vibrancy, while still carrying a powerful, memorable message about inclusive behaviours.

Talk to us about developing something similar for your organisation.


Developing inclusive leadership


EW Group Festive Party 6

In addition to our existing ILM courses, we’ve added an all-new Inclusive Leadership development programme, created in partnership with Civil Service College.

The one-day course offers leaders the chance to develop and apply the core skills of diversity management, practically and proactively. These include:

  • Making the business case for diversity in your organisation
  • Overcoming unconscious bias and opening up your talent pipeline
  • Retain and motivate talented people in your teams
  • Maximise performance through inclusive working practice
  • Being inclusive and authentic in everything you say and do.

Our one-day Inclusive Leadership courses will run in London on 9th March, 13th June, 27th September and 27th November 2017. Click here for more details.

Interested to learn more? You can read our MD Rachael Wilson’s thoughts on inclusive leadership and why it matters here.

Thank you for being a part of a great 2016 for EW Group, and happy holidays!