Our UK Consultants

Rachael Wilson

Managing Director

Jane Farrell


Annie Hedge


David Ruebain

Head of Audit

Yvonne Howard

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Safina Nadeem

Diversity and Unconscious Bias Consultant

Helen Webb

Diversity Consultant

Caroline Arnold

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Teresa Norman

Diversity Consultant

Winston Ben Clements

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Victoria Dale

Diversity and Organisational Development Consultant

Tiwonge Chipeta

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Zara Sloane

Diversity and Performance Enablement Specialist

Sue Browning

Inclusive Leadership Specialist

Judeline Nicholas

Diversity and Leadership Specialist

Helen Newman

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Sam Swinstead

Diversity and HR Specialist

Sharla Smith

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Amanda Ariss

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Linda Stewart

Diversity and Employment Law Specialist

Nina Amoo

HR and Transformational Change Consultant

Nina Mayler

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Vix Anderton

Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Consultant

Paul Skovron

Diversity and Unconscious Bias Specialist

Sarah Pickthall

Diversity Consultant

Naomi Graham

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Philip Lloyd-Williams

Management and Leadership Specialist

Clare Cromarty

Diversity, Organisational Development and HR Specialist

Cener Dogan

Inclusive Leadership Specialist

Polly Shute

Inclusion and Partnership Specialist

Penny Farrar

Organisation Development Specialist, Coach and Facilitator

Samantha Goober

Diversity, Inclusion and Education Specialist

Enya Doyle

Gender, Wellbeing, and Diversity Specialist

Warwick Farrer

L&D and Talent Management Specialist

Tash Thomas

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Aduke Onafowokan

Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Jacqueline Harris

Diversity, Leadership and Management Consultant

Agnes Fletcher

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Jassy Denison

Conflict and Inclusion Mediator and Trainer

Imogen Blood

Research and Consultation Specialist

Marie Pye

Diversity, Inclusion and Disability Consultant

Our International Consultants

Marianne Constans

Diversity and Unconscious Bias Specialist (France)

Michelle Vitale

Diversity and Wellbeing Specialist (USA)

Mariella Bruno

Diversity and Leadership Specialist (Italy)

Samantha Hernandez

Leadership and Diversity Consultant (Spain)

Roosmarijn Emmering

Unconscious Bias and Leadership Development Specialist (Asia)

Fook-Mun Chung

HR and Leadership Specialist (Asia)

Graci Harkema

Unconscious Bias and Leadership Management Specialist (USA)

Leon Borst

Change Consultant & Management Trainer (Netherlands)

Joy Medos

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant (Austria)

Judith MacBrine

Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership Consultant (USA)

Our Operations Team

Anna Arbuthnot

Operations Director

Eve Mason

Senior Project Manager

Rui Martins

Project Manager

Catherine Manser

Project Manager

Oroma Sampson

Project Manager

Morenike Igoh

Junior Project Manager

Mitch Price

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Sush Bastola

Senior Sales Manager