Rachael Wilson

Managing Director
UK & Europe Consultant
United Kingdom

Rachael heads up EW Group, working hand in hand with companies to ramp up levels of workplace inclusion. Her clients span 75 countries, from leading British businesses like the Mercedes F1 team, The White Company, British Land and The Economist Group to global enterprises like Adidas (Monza, Italy), Merck Group (Darmstadt, Germany) and Computershare (New York City, USA).

Rachael oversees our team of 70+ diversity and inclusion experts across the UK and around the world, building capability across all aspects of workplace EDI as part of eQS’s vision to become the leading global provider of DEI and mental wellbeing solutions. Rachael also leads the way in ensuring our service offer and course content stay right at the leading edge of inclusive best practice.

Rachael Wilson Diversity Inclusion Consultant
Rachael Wilson EW Group MD

With a creative background in journalism and publishing, Rachael is especially interested in bringing narrative and storytelling around DEI to the fore—whether it’s working with senior leaders on diversity strategy design or with management teams wanting to build inclusive cultures at work. She also regularly engages actors, illustrators, musicians and other artists to enhance our service design and delivery.

Rachael grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, a town with a long history of social activism. Harold Wilson, the PM whose government decriminalised male homosexuality and liberalised abortion law, was born there. Having moved there from a rural North Yorkshire sheep-farming town, she experienced the othering that came from being called ‘offcumden’—disparaging dialect for someone not from that place. The subtleties of how exclusion and disadvantage play out have stuck with her ever since.