Vix Anderton

Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Consultant
International Consultant

Vix Anderton specialises in inclusive leadership, with a focus on gender, and workplace wellbeing. She brings ample experience in leadership and operational management through her background in international development and as a Royal Air Force Intelligence Officer.

Vix leads our one-day Workplace Wellbeing training for managers to raise mental health awareness at work. She has recently run sessions on Wellbeing at asset management firm, Aredova. Additionally, Vix has co-produced a diversity diagnostic report for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service. Her acclaimed research on Women, Peace and Security – particularly gender mainstreaming in the military – has been published by several reputable sources, including Chatham House and the Royal United Services Institute. She regularly speaks at high-profile events such as the Feminism in London conference and Women of the World conference.

Vix Anderton EW Group Leadership and Gender Specialist
Diversity Inclusive Leadership Consultant Vix Anderton

Vix is dedicated to helping employees and organisations achieve meaningful and sustainable change through evidence-based research, practical planning and coaching. She is an avid believer in the importance of promoting gender diversity within organisations to help empower individual female employees achieve their career goals and ambitions. Likewise, to help large organisations reap the benefits of diversity across the entire business.