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Jane Farrell

Pride at work - close up of Pride rainbow flag on the streets at a crowded Pride event Opinion

How to celebrate Pride at work

Before the Pride celebrations begin, it’s worth pausing. It’s great to celebrate but also to understand and acknowledge why we are celebrating. Discover how you can support LGBT Pride year-round.
Jane Farrell
June 1, 2021
Compassionate leadership - schools and businesses - teacher with pupil during pandemic Inclusive Leadership

Lessons on compassionate crisis management

Read how schools and businesses have adapted equally to the challenges of Covid-19. And as inclusive leaders work out how to lead through this next phase of a global pandemic, young champions like Marcus Rashford, offer an inspiring example of how leaders can use their own experience to affect change.
Jane Farrell
November 6, 2020
What is cultural intelligence? Breaking down the buzzword Views from EW

What is Cultural Intelligence?

The term 'cultural intelligence' is a recent buzzword in D&I. But what is cultural intelligence and what is the importance of it for your organisation? Jane Farrell, CEO of EW Group, shares her insights on how cultural intelligence can transform your business.
Jane Farrell
February 13, 2019