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What is cultural intelligence? Breaking down the buzzword From the BlogViews from EW

What is Cultural Intelligence?

The term 'cultural intelligence' has been making the rounds as the buzzword to know in D&I, but what is cultural intelligence and what is the importance of it for your organisation? Jane Farrell, CEO of EW Group, shares her insights on how cultural intelligence can transform your business.
Jane Farrell
February 13, 2019
Passionate about the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion Views from EW

What company diversity programmes really need

What company diversity programmes really need   The Financial Times recently asked executives from across the corporate world to tell them their stories around what works and what doesn't when companies try to bring greater levels of diversity to their leadership. The resulting piece, 'Do company diversity programmes actually help…
Jane Farrell
April 25, 2017
Jane Farrell and Sally Gunnell at Mears Group Views from EW

Going for diversity gold… with an Olympic champion

Going for diversity gold...with an Olympic champion   Earlier this year I was invited to speak about diversity and inclusion to the top 300 managers at Mears Group, a highly successful and values-driven social care company. I always find it interesting to reflect on what these events tell us about…
Jane Farrell
April 10, 2017
Marching towards Equality by Jane Farrell Views from EW

Marching Towards Equality

Marching Towards Equality   The Women's March on London last Saturday was a fantastic event. I'm not naive. I know a march barely feels enough of a response to recent political events. First, there was the toxic take on diversity and inclusion that marked the EU referendum. Then came more…
Jane Farrell
January 26, 2017