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Making the Gender Pay Gap Count

Making the Gender Pay Gap Count   Recently I co-chaired a round-table discussion on the Gender Pay Gap with Staffmetrix CEO Anthony Horrigan. Our hosts, leadership consultancy Wilton & Bain, had tasked us with answering two questions: "How do we master the data?" (Anthony's line of work, running his data…
Rachael Wilson
April 5, 2018
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Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples

Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples   When I'm designing work for clients, I always spend time speaking to employees from across the business about their company culture. One question which regularly comes up from staff, to greater or lesser degrees, is this: "We are already performing well, so why do…
Rachael Wilson
November 10, 2017
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Demystifying Inclusive Leadership

Demystifying Inclusive Leadership   So what is inclusive leadership, exactly?   Increasingly we’re seeing traditional notions of leadership being turned on their head. Gone is the command-and-control culture of leaders and followers. Today’s successful companies have developed ever more compelling and sophisticated narratives on why diversity and inclusion are business-critical.…
Rachael Wilson
December 19, 2016