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Recommended Reading: Best Books on Racism, Privilege & Immigration

Our team of diversity specialists has been busy devouring new content on all things DEI. We share our latest reading…

Sue Hughes Operations Officer at Challenge Consultancy

How to Understand and Challenge Antisemitism

Sue Hughes, Operations Officer at Challenge Consultancy, discusses what antisemitism is and shares a useful exercise to help you challenge…

Tiwonge Cohn: Decolonising the workplace blog author

Decolonising the workplace – 14 ideas on how to get started

Tiwonge Cohn explores how to begin decolonising the workplace, and how this doesn’t take away from other stories but enriches…

Black History Month at Work Graphic

Black History Month at work – important or tokenistic?

Many organisations understandably debate the question of how to approach Black History Month each year. Do we celebrate it, and,…

anti-racism resources - Black Lives Matter

Anti-racism resources: Continuing the focus

Winston Ben Clements has curated this guide of helpful and important anti-racism resources. Discover our favourite TV shows, films, books,…

Racism at work - Stop Racism

Racism at work: how to stop discrimination in the workplace

In this guide, we explore what counts as racism at work, give examples, and look at what businesses and leaders…

Review, Challenge, Educate - how to be a workplace ally
Inclusive Leadership

How to be an ally in the workplace

Find out how being an ally and encouraging others to be one are positive and powerful actions. Allyship is central…

Racial microaggressions

Racial microaggressions: definition, examples, and practical actions

EW Group's CEO, Jane Farrell, explores what racial microaggressions are, gives examples, and discusses how practical actions can help to…

Micro-behaviours and how they impact inclusive cultures

What are micro-behaviours and how do they impact inclusive cultures?

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘micro-behaviours’, but what does it mean and more importantly, what kind of impact can…

Black History Month: I have the same dream

Why your workplace should be celebrating Black History Month 

October is Black History Month. Find out how other people are celebrating and how you and your organisation could get…