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Diversity audit - team discussion
Diversity Gap

What a diversity audit is, the benefits, and how to start one

What is a diversity audit and what are the benefits of it? The term ‘diversity audit’ can sound daunting. But…

Diversity Data - Data has a better idea
Diversity Gap

Data on diversity in the workplace: what is diversity data and how to collect it?

Data is a core pillar for tracking and progressing your diversity and inclusion journey. In this guide, we explore how…

Diversity assessment and accreditations blog
Diversity Gap

Drive DEI Impact With Diversity Assessment and Accreditation

Find out how diversity assessments and accreditation can help you drive DEI impact across your organisation.

Sue Hughes Operations Officer at Challenge Consultancy

How to Understand and Challenge Antisemitism

Sue Hughes, Operations Officer at Challenge Consultancy, discusses what antisemitism is and shares a useful exercise to help you challenge…

Grace Randall - EW Group Project Manager

Celebrating International Women’s Day: How to be an ally in the workplace and combat gender inequality

Celebrating International Women’s Day and the #BreakTheBias campaign, Grace Randall shares her insights into how to be an ally in…

David Ruebain - EW Group - EDI Policy Advisor & Researcher
Diversity Gap

Contested issues & Intersectionality in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Experienced EDI lawyer and researcher David Ruebain explores contested issues in EDI and shares suggestions for addressing this in the…

Rachael Wilson - Managing Director at EW Group
Diversity Gap

Diversity & Inclusion Policy: The 10 policies your organisation needs

Rachael Wilson, Managing Director of EW Group, sets out the 10 equality and diversity policies businesses should consider for diversity…

Linda Stewart EW Group Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Inclusive Recruitment

Do diversity quotas and targets succeed in achieving D&l needs?

Linda Stewart, Diversity and Employment Law Specialist at EW Group, explores the impact of diversity quotas and targets in achieving…

Communicating with diverse audiences - diverse team giving feedback
Views from EW

How to communicate diversity in the workplace – six useful strategies

Diversity interventions with the best impact are pragmatic, sensitive, and engaging. Communicating the importance is D&I is critical for unlocking…

Ethnicity Pay Gap - Black woman working in coffee shop
Diversity Gap

Ethnicity pay gap in the UK: statistics, impact, and action

Victoria Dale explores the scale of the UK’s ethnicity pay gap problem and asks how it differs between groups and…

The Equality Act - Justice
Disability Awareness

The Equality Act 2010: a guide for employers and employees

The Equality Act 2010 is the UK’s primary legal framework for protecting individual rights and furthering equality, diversity, and inclusion.…

How to get started - Equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace
Diversity Gap

Equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace – how to get started

What is diversity and inclusion in the workplace? And how do you get started? This 'everyone guide' offers helpful advice…