Menopause in the workplace - diverse women

How to Support Menopause in the Workplace:

Jane Ordaz examines how employers can create a menopause friendly organisation through awareness, training and a menopause policy.

Diversity audit - team discussion
Diversity Gap

What a diversity audit is, the benefits, and how to start one

What is a diversity audit and what are the benefits of it? The term ‘diversity audit’ can sound daunting. But…

How to Celebrate Pride at Work - two women laughing while on a Pride march

How to celebrate Pride month at work

Before Pride month celebrations begin, it’s worth pausing. It’s great to celebrate, but it’s also important to understand and acknowledge…

Grace Randall - EW Group Project Manager

Celebrating International Women’s Day: How to be an ally in the workplace and combat gender inequality

Celebrating International Women’s Day and the #BreakTheBias campaign, Grace Randall shares her insights into how to be an ally in…

Best on Diversity Books - Woman reading a book outside

Best books on Diversity and Inclusion

See our top selection of the best books on diversity and inclusion, writing that has helped us to reflect and…

Workplace sexual harassment - #MeToo

Sexual harassment in the workplace: statistics, effects, and how to prevent it

Understand why sexual harassment in the workplace happens and its effects, with statistics and actions every leader can immediately take…

Working Mother helping children with homework

Working mothers paid the price of home schooling: how to best support flexible working for women

Home schooling and childcare has significantly affected women in the workplace, so it is imperative that employers put policies and…

Equity Training delegates

Equality training vs diversity training: what’s the difference?

Equality training and diversity training seem to have a lot of overlap. Find out how their meanings are quite distinct…

Women's networking group

How to start a women’s networking group at work

Staff networks and employee resource groups can benefit both organisations and staff. Here we give advice on how to start…

Gender inequality discussion

Tackle workplace gender inequality with executive coaching

In many businesses, women can find it difficult to progress, especially if there are few female leaders within the company…

Micro-behaviours and how they impact inclusive cultures

What are micro-behaviours and how do they impact inclusive cultures?

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘micro-behaviours’, but what does it mean and more importantly, what kind of impact can…

International Women's Day - Three women smiling

International Women’s Day 2020: where are we with gender equality?

International Women's Day shines a light on the progress made for women's rights. But what must we do continue the…