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Teresa Norman - Non-Inclusive Language Blog
Inclusive Leadership

Non-Inclusive Language and Why it’s a Barrier to Inclusivity at Work

Teresa Norman discusses the importance of inclusive language in the workplace and explores three key areas of non-inclusive language use.

How To Organize An Inclusive Office Party - Ten Tips
Views from EW

How To Organise An Inclusive Office Party – Ten Tips

Organising the office party but unsure about how to make it an inclusive event? Read our 10 top tips to…

Inclusive leadership conference delegates
Inclusive Leadership

What are the Five Behaviours of Inclusive Leaders?

Inclusive leadership increases staff engagement and improves diversity and staff retention. We identify the five critical behaviours of inclusive leaders.

Respect in the workplace
Inclusive Leadership

The Importance of Respect in The Workplace & How to Demonstrate it

In this blog we discuss the importance of dignity and respect in the workplace and how to demonstrate it. Demonstrating…

David Ruebain - EW Group - EDI Policy Advisor & Researcher
Diversity Gap

Contested issues & Intersectionality in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Experienced EDI lawyer and researcher David Ruebain explores contested issues in EDI and shares suggestions for addressing this in the…

Ellie Watts, Diversity, Equality& Inclusion Coordinator at Mercedes-AMG
Inclusive Leadership

My DE&I Journey at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

Ellie Watts, D&I Coordinator at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, gives an insight into her career in DE&I and the…

Rachael Wilson - Managing Director at EW Group
Diversity Gap

Diversity & Inclusion Policy: The 10 policies your organisation needs

Rachael Wilson, Managing Director of EW Group, sets out the 10 equality and diversity policies businesses should consider for diversity…

Jane Farrell - Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) blog
Inclusive Leadership

Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) – silo or critical strategic role?

Jane Farrell is Co-Founder of EW Group. She is a specialist in inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, organisational change and cultural…

Workplace diversity and inclusion best practice
Inclusive Leadership

Challenges to achieving workplace diversity and inclusion best practice

What are the challenges with workplace diversity and how can organisations overcome them? Find out how to create a more…

How to communicate with diverse audiences - group of people in discussion
Inclusive Leadership

How to communicate with diverse audiences: the inclusive guide

Communicating with diverse audiences is key for organisations to progress their diversity agenda, as well as getting the best out…

Black History Month at Work Graphic

Black History Month at work – important or tokenistic?

Many organisations understandably debate the question of how to approach Black History Month each year. Do we celebrate it, and,…

Communicating with diverse audiences - diverse team giving feedback
Views from EW

How to communicate diversity in the workplace – six useful strategies

Diversity interventions with the best impact are pragmatic, sensitive, and engaging. Communicating the importance is D&I is critical for unlocking…