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Diversity audit - team discussion
Diversity Gap

What a diversity audit is, the benefits, and how to start one

What is a diversity audit and what are the benefits of it? The term ‘diversity audit’ can sound daunting. But…

Ellie Watts, Diversity, Equality& Inclusion Coordinator at Mercedes-AMG
Inclusive Leadership

My DE&I Journey at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

Ellie Watts, D&I Coordinator at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, gives an insight into her career in DE&I and the…

Rachael Wilson - Managing Director at EW Group
Diversity Gap

Diversity & Inclusion Policy: The 10 policies your organisation needs

Rachael Wilson, Managing Director of EW Group, sets out the 10 equality and diversity policies businesses should consider for diversity…

Linda Stewart EW Group Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Inclusive Recruitment

Do diversity quotas and targets succeed in achieving D&l needs?

Linda Stewart, Diversity and Employment Law Specialist at EW Group, explores the impact of diversity quotas and targets in achieving…

Workplace diversity and inclusion best practice
Inclusive Leadership

Challenges to achieving workplace diversity and inclusion best practice

What are the challenges with workplace diversity and how can organisations overcome them? Find out how to create a more…

Diverse recruitment panel
Inclusive Recruitment

Eight easy ways to ensure diversity recruiting in your organisation

Tiwonge Chipeta looks at eight ways to achieve diversity recruiting and access diverse talent. Discover how to broaden your talent…

Diversity Training Course
Inclusive Recruitment

Diversity training: how to guarantee it works

See our step-by-step instructions on how to implement diversity training so it is guaranteed to make a real impact in…

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Neurodiversity in the workplace – 13 ways to support autism at work

What is neurodiversity and how can you support it? Neurodiversity Consultant Sam Hernandez sets out her thirteen best tips for…

Inclusive cultures - Diverse group working together
Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive cultures in the workplace: how to create one

Why do inclusive cultures matter to workplaces? Lisa Jobson explores the range of proven strategies and tactics that will help…

Employee retention - Team meeting
Inclusive Recruitment

Five employee retention strategies for diverse workforces

Find the five crucial yet simple strategies you can implement to increase employee retention. It’s important to recognise how the…

Inclusive recruitment - handshake
Inclusive Recruitment

Eight steps to inclusive recruitment and workplace diversity

How can you ensure your recruitment process is genuinely unbiased and inclusive so that you hire the best possible candidates?…