The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla OpinionViews from EW

The Good Immigrant: Book Review

The Good Immigrant – edited by Nikesh Shukla   You may have seen The Good Immigrant in the window of your local bookstore. You may have been struck by its front-cover provocation: "What's it like to live in a country that doesn't trust you and doesn't want you unless you win…
Teresa Norman
March 23, 2017
TV Diversity Master of None Views from EW

Small screen, big gains

Small screens, big gains   The signs are good for increasing diversity on TV (if you know where to look)   Pressure has been piling up on UK broadcasters in recent years to better represent the diverse reality we live in. Our own on-going work to address BAME under-representation at…
James Hogg
February 16, 2017
Inclusive Leadership Demystified by Rachael Wilson Inclusive LeadershipViews from EW

Demystifying Inclusive Leadership

Demystifying Inclusive Leadership   So what is inclusive leadership, exactly?   Increasingly we’re seeing traditional notions of leadership being turned on their head. Gone is the command-and-control culture of leaders and followers. Today’s successful companies have developed ever more compelling and sophisticated narratives on why diversity and inclusion are business-critical.…
Rachael Wilson
December 19, 2016
Suspending Judgement Views from EW

A noble habit – suspending judgment

A noble habit - suspending judgement   Something caught my eye, and I looked up. Through the window, I saw a man running. There were two things that made this unusual. Firstly, he was a bald, portly, middle-aged gentleman running fast. Secondly, there were two police officers running after him.…
Shaun Laubscher
October 7, 2016
Our Diversity Book Recommendations 2 - Views from EW Views from EW

The best books on and about diversity

The best books on and about diversity   The Olympics may be over, but we're still clinging onto our summer. And with temperatures set to soar this week, we've asked the team for their latest must-reads on or about diversity. From novels to neuroscience, read on to find your next…
James Hogg
August 23, 2016