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Building a backbone of equality, diversity and inclusion best practice at the local government body that runs London’s public transport system

Our experts have consulted on several diversity and inclusion projects at Transport for London. We have, for instance:

You can find two examples of our work in more detail below.

1. Strategic review of equality, diversity and inclusion at Transport for London

TfL commissioned us (in partnership with a well-established transport consultancy) to look at the substantial amount of equality, diversity and inclusion work being undertaken in the organisation. Specifically, TfL wanted to place this work in the context of expected developments in equalities, in London, and in transport as a whole.

Our desk research looked primarily at documents mainly from TfL and the Greater London Authority (GLA). This gave us an in-depth understanding of the role of transport in delivering and promoting equality – and combating social exclusion – in the capital.

We then developed a structured interview questionnaire, which we used in meetings with all the key leaders and managers in TfL. We also interviewed key stakeholders from the GLA. We used these interviews – and our existing knowledge of the organisation – to review the current position internally in relation to the transport industry, and to carry out an analysis of the likely key issues over the next 10 years.

Above all, we wanted to produce a set of recommendations that would enhance the good practice that we had encountered at TfL. We identified areas where the authority could make rapid progress, and others where change could be hard won over a longer period, with a demonstrably positive impact on protected groups. These included building an enhanced understanding of customers and their various needs, and paying even greater attention to integrated transport.

The project lasted three months and the report was delivered on time, to budget and was received very positively.

2. Equality Impact Assessment of Cycling on London’s Greenways

TfL invited EW Group to consult with them on a qualitative Equality Impact Assessment of the plan for Cycling on Greenways. They were looking to take into consideration the needs of different groups of Londoners as current or potential users of the Greenways.

Initial screening, for example, had identified that disabled people and other groups with mobility impairments (e.g. the very young and their carers, and older people) may be adversely impacted by the new system.

Following a literature review, we conducted a focused consultation, a key element of which was setting up a reference group of disabled and non-disabled people. The group’s deliberations were integrated into our final report. This included an analysis of the positive impacts of shared use (between wheelchair users, pedestrians and cyclists) and how to sustain them over time, as well as the negative impacts of shared use and suggestions about ways to mitigate these.

Our recommendations highlighted consultation, developing a classification system for Greenways, and enhancing the process by which Greenways are approved and funded so that it contains a mandatory Equality Impact Assessment.

The report concluded that the positive impacts outweighed the negatives and that TfL had complied with its public duties. Our ability to facilitate consultation across diverse groups not only supported this project but also helped realise TfL’s strategic aim of ensuring equitable transport provision for all who live and work in London. The report also included further recommendations around compliance with the law relating to disability, and around proportionality when it comes to public access.

“We have enjoyed a very good, honest and open relationship with EW Group, based on mutual trust. I have always found them business-like: they have supported us effectively through challenging times and significant organisational change.”

Mike Strzelecki, Director of Transformation at Transport for London

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