Amicus Horizon

Amicus Horizon gained our Diversity in Business Accreditation in 2012

Amicus Horizon provide over 28,000 homes for rent, low cost home-ownership and supported housing to communities across Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex. They offer training and employment opportunities to build skills, increase prospects, and promote personal growth and confidence.

For Amicus Horizon, promoting diversity made perfect business sense. Gaining our Diversity in Business Accreditation (now the DDS) demonstrated their understanding of both staff and customers: showing that they were able to respond to their needs, delivering the best services in the most effective way.

Amicus worked with our lead consultant Jo Heath over the course of three months to complete the programme and gained the highest ‘Excellence’ for the Diversity in Business Accreditation in 2012.

Amicus Horizon saw the external accreditation as a means to validate and recognise the great work they do.

The DiBA award will keep staff motivated and empowered to achieve great things within their own roles. In turn, staff will focus their commitment to improving performance and customer satisfaction.

"It has been absolutely fantastic working with EW Group. Their Unconscious Bias module is by far one of the best modules we have developed and run, and this is due to their interest in the topic and their collegiate way of working." Saranya Sivarajah - Capability Project Adviser, Gazprom Marketing & Trading
Diversity Accreditation Amicus Horizon Case Study