Pride at work - close up of Pride rainbow flag on the streets at a crowded Pride event Opinion

How to celebrate Pride at work

Before the Pride celebrations begin, it’s worth pausing. It’s great to celebrate but also to understand and acknowledge why we are celebrating. Discover how you can support LGBT Pride year-round.
Jane Farrell
June 1, 2021
Army Recruitment Advert Diversity Inclusion OpinionViews from EW

New Army Recruitment Ads: Soft or Inclusive?

New Army Recruitment Ads: Soft or Inclusive?   Do the new Army recruitment adverts represent inclusive recruitment, or political correctness gone mad? There’s been widespread media coverage in response to the new British Army recruitment adverts this week, fuelled by several former officers expressing concern that the Army has gone…
Vix Anderton
January 11, 2018
Photo of group discussion - Diversity Communications Best Practice Examples OpinionViews from EW

Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples

Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples   When I'm designing work for clients, I always spend time speaking to employees from across the business about their company culture. One question which regularly comes up from staff, to greater or lesser degrees, is this: "We are already performing well, so why do…
Rachael Wilson
November 10, 2017
The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla OpinionViews from EW

The Good Immigrant: Book Review

The Good Immigrant – edited by Nikesh Shukla   You may have seen The Good Immigrant in the window of your local bookstore. You may have been struck by its front-cover provocation: "What's it like to live in a country that doesn't trust you and doesn't want you unless you win…
Teresa Norman
March 23, 2017