Communicate your progress on diversity and inclusion with confidence

Building inclusive cultures at work means walking your talk when it comes to EDI. But it’s important to get that talk right, too. Our subject matter specialists provide a wide range of diversity communications services, targeting both internal and external audiences. Because your communications to staff – and to the wider world – contributes hugely to the success of your EDI efforts.

Women in Leadership

Only 3% of women in adverts are portrayed in leadership positions

Supporting Trans Women

32% of trans employees have thought frequently about leaving their workplace

Context-sensitive comms advice

Push EDI forward with fully inclusive content and campaigns

Internally, our work may involve data-gathering and storytelling around the lived experiences of your employees, co-creating guidance and resource packs for managers on inclusive language use, or setting up, branding and positioning ERGs and other staff networks.

Externally, your communications around diversity and inclusion must be authentic, meaningful and in-tune with your customers and brand. We can work with you to co-create effective mission statements and public action plans or to review the accessibility and inclusivity of your other public-facing content.

Inclusive Communications Support
Expert EDI guidance

It’s your diversity and inclusion journey. Take your staff and customers with you

We provide a highly tailored diversity communications service that encompasses:

  • Internal communications and staff engagement
  • External communications, including your online and social media presence
  • Bespoke communications support that adds value to your existing EDI training programmes and diagnostic efforts

Live examples of our recent diversity communications work include:

  • Co-creating an external EDI positioning paper for Massive Entertainment
  • Designing an Inclusive Language Guide for Urenco
  • Producing British Land’s EDI Manual – a monthly series of online articles and toolkits on a range of EDI topics for use by managers and staff
  • Researching and developing a Culture Change Toolkit for Arts Council England – now publicly available and used by arts and culture organisations of all sizes
  • Building an Inclusive Content programme for – including diversity checker software
  • Working with a digital startup to develop software that scans their customer-facing content for inclusivity – this project will then be extended into machine learning so that online copy is automatically flagged if it does not meet target levels of language inclusivity.
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EW Group have worked on several important projects for HS2. I have always found their work to be of the highest quality, at competitive rates which give tremendous value for money. I can recommend EW Group to any organisation without hesitation.

Mark Lomas
Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at
The benefits of getting it right

Boost your customer service, bolster your talent pipeline

Effectively communicating your diversity and inclusion work is key to its success. This is true on a number of levels. By engaging internal staff in the EDI conversation from the get-go, you’ll avoid anyone feeling that this is something being ‘done to’ them. By gathering their lived experiences and insights and bringing them to bear in your diversity strategy, your teams will feel part of the process — and the success it sparks.

This way, you’ll build valuable trust, using organisation-wide learning points, challenges and successes to give a balanced, realistic picture of your workplace. This will also form part of a corporate narrative – both internal and external – which is authentic and true to your brand, not just marketing gloss that customers and potential hires can spot a mile off.

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