Corporate Social Responsibility at EW Group

In the Marketplace

We work with our suppliers to ensure that they understand and demonstrate best practice in diversity and inclusion. When renewing contracts we actively seek proposals from underrepresented groups.

In the Workplace

The EW Group is an inclusive employer with a detailed diversity policy in place. As a leading learning and development organisation, we invest in the development of all our staff. Everyone has development plans in place, which are reviewed as part of our appraisal process. A high-point in the EW Group calendar is our Wellbeing Week, which we hold once a year in late August. During the week we devise events and interventions to support staff in taking positive steps to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. This week reminds us to keep our work life balance in check and to continue this practice throughout the year. Sometimes we just go on a walk in the park together.

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In our Community

We support local charities in Camden (our local borough). Each year we choose one local charity and will use team activities to fund-raise and volunteer with them.

Staff are given 3 days a year for volunteering. One of the 3 days to be used for team volunteering by the whole of the EW Group, for our chosen charity. Staff can choose how to use the other 2 volunteering days.

We will offer 3 work placements a year to schools in the Camden area. Placements of up to a week are offered to 17 and 18 year olds. To request a work placement, schools should contact the Managing Director, Rachael Wilson.

In our Environment

The EW Group is working towards being a paperless office, with all filing done online. We do not print out paper unless it is essential. We use recycled paper and actively recycle all waste. We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by using public transport unless we have no other choice but to drive to a venue. We work in shared offices, which reduces our energy consumption

Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to get the full potential out of their staff
Your most engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave your organisation
Reporting back on CSR

The EW Group will publish an annual report on our implementation of this CSR policy. The report will cover the following:

  • Actions we’ve taken as an employer on ensuring we are an inclusive employer including an overview of our equality profile
  • Highlights of our work with clients
  • A summary of how we’ve invested in the development of our staff
  • Staff wellbeing activities
  • Engagement with our local community: a summary of how we’ve used our volunteering days, highlights of our work placements, and the results of our fundraising.
Equal Scale
We apply the same values to ourselves as we do when working with clients. Our values were co-created by the EW Group staff team in Spring 2016: we live these values every day.
EW Group Values - Positive, Practical, Creative