Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples

By November 10, 2017Opinion, Views from EW

Diversity Communications: 5 Brilliant Examples


When I’m designing work for clients, I always spend time speaking to employees from across the business about their company culture. One question which regularly comes up from staff, to greater or lesser degrees, is this: “We are already performing well, so why do we need more diversity?”

In the best companies, everyone knows the answer to this question. If your people don’t hear a clear message from leaders in the business about ‘Why?’, then we risk the feeling that diversity and inclusion is something that is being ‘done to’ them. The best businesses position their diversity imperative in a way that is clear and relevant to the business, gaining buy-in from people at all levels.


Diversity Communications Best Practice Examples


5 companies who have positioned their diversity communications brilliantly

Here are five examples of brilliant diversity communications statements from our clients that will enable this process of bringing the whole company along on the journey.

1. “We work in the most diverse communities in the UK and we believe our business will be stronger in every way, if our workforce is fully reflective of these communities.”
Gary Jackson, Group Director of Communications & Customer Success, Mears Group Plc

2. “It is our belief that diverse teams can provide innovative and relevant solutions to our work and culture, creating a sense of belonging across the practice.”
Lucy Miller, Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement, BuroHappold Engineering

3. “For a creative company like ours, our currency is ideas. And the best ideas often come when we have a wide base of people.”
Justin Martin, Business Director, The Sunshine Company

4. “For us, making sure we have the right level of diversity and inclusion in our industry is going to be more and more important. We recognise that, to bridge the skills gap in the construction industry, we need to encourage people from a much wider group of backgrounds to come and join us.”
Naomi Connell, Chief Financial Officer, VolkerWessels UK

5. “We’re building an inclusive culture, we want to attract and retain talent from a diverse range of backgrounds and want our employees to feel comfortable to bring their whole self to work. We also know it has direct impact on the bottom line.”
Nikki de Vet, Organisational Effectiveness Manager, British Land Plc

Take the Inclusive Culture Pledge for 2021

Mears Group, BuroHappold Engineering, The Sunshine Company, VolkerWessels UK and British Land have all taken our Inclusive Culture Pledge. From January for 12 months, we’ll be providing all Pledging organisations with free support on progressing their diversity and inclusion agenda.

Click here for more details on how to sign up for the Pledge.

Rachael Wilson has led EW Group for almost a decade. She has designed and delivered sessions for senior leaders at Merck Pharmaceutical (Germany), adidas (Italy), Computershare (USA) and British Land Plc (UK). Rachael’s interest lies in bringing narrative and storytelling to the fore both in the design of diversity strategy and in driving inclusive behaviours. In addition to working collaboratively with clients, Rachael is responsible for the growth and development of our 50-strong consulting team who are central to all EW Group activity.

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