Diversity Data is in Demand

Diversity Data is in Demand


Exploring how diversity data analysis can drive genuine culture change at work


The demand for diversity data is growing. Why? Because it allows businesses to form more effective diversity and inclusion strategy that are evidence-based, and focused on those areas that can deliver the most benefit to employees, customers or service users. And ultimately the bottom line, too.

We need only look at Transport for London. There, excellent use of diversity data means that BAME candidates are now twice as likely to be shortlisted and appointed than any other group. 

But what is diversity data? And how can we use it to create a more inclusive talent pool?  

Yesterday we held a Diversity Data Clinic, hosted by subject specialist Teresa Norman. The Clinic was run especially for organisations who have signed up for our 2018 Inclusive Culture Pledge. We welcomed participants at Albert House in Shoreditch, and also tuning in online via live stream.

Teresa was on hand to help participants untangle the subject matter – from data consent and disclosure to how companies can use data to tell a more compelling story.


Diversity Data Analysis EW Group

The aim of the Diversity Data Clinic wasn’t just to cover the practicalities of collecting diversity data, but also how businesses can use that data to drive real culture change. Our Pledging organisations also left armed with all the information they needed to form an effective action plan on diversity data 

Access to the Diversity Data Clinic was just one of the perks that our Inclusive Culture Pledge clients have enjoyed throughout the year. By signing up, a host of organisations have received free year-long access to tools, resources and events. All designed to help them work towards a truly inclusive workplace.  

Applications for this year’s Inclusive Culture Pledge are now closed, but we’re accepting applications for the 2019 intake.

Interested in signing up? Get in touch here.

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