IC Analysis
  • I want to know/understand more about the diversity of our workforce.
  • I’ve collected lots of diversity data but I need advice on what to do with it.
  • We’re already running diversity programmes but I need to demonstrate their impact.

Knowing more about your staff diversity profile is the first step towards diversity maturity. But encouraging individuals to tell you more about themselves can be a challenge. Confidentiality is a common concern for employees. And many will be unaware how their companies use the data. This is of course understandable given the discrimination some groups face at work. There are many ways of improving employee confidence in this area. We can help you create staff diversity networks, champions and role models to make diversity visible in all parts of your business. Or we can work with your senior people so that can articulate the value they place on diversity in the business.

Levels of data disclosure can also be a key metric in the success of any diversity programmes you run. We can also work with you interpret this data. Because better data means better insight into your employee engagement, recruitment, retention and progression.

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