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  • I’m concerned that some groups in our staff/users are not treated equally.
  • We already have a policy (e.g. flexible working) but it’s not being used.
  • I need a definitive strategy or action plan on diversity and inclusion.

The first step to becoming a more inclusive business is to determine the current state of play. What is the diversity profile of your workforce? What does your organisational culture look like? (Is there an emphasis on presenteeism, for example?) What are the experiences of women returning from maternity leave? What level of engagement scores do you see from diverse groups? Once we have built up a picture of how you work, we can create an action plan to build inclusive practice.

Key to our work will be designing ways to bring in your senior leaders as advocates for diversity. Our management development programmes incorporate practical ways of addressing unconscious bias. We want your leaders to feel confident in having difficult conversations and managing performance. Likewise when they’re implementing policies that impact diverse groups (like flexible working). Our training will develop staff who can recognise difference and adapt to diverse groups. As a result, your people will continue to love their jobs, and be innovative and productive at work.

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