graphic to represent fair decisions
  • There are aspects of our decision-making that might not be equitable.
  • I want to make sure our recruitment and selection processes are fair throughout.
  • We want to harness the business benefits of more inclusive teams.

We all have moments when unconscious bias may adversely affect our decision-making. Working under stress is just one example of when our field of vision can narrow. Unconscious bias training raises awareness of how this might be impacting your business.

We believe that fair decision-making – like any skill – takes practice. Only then can we sustain it beyond the training room, and embed it into our everyday behaviours. Our training lets you experience the impact of unconscious bias at first-hand. Through a process of peer learning and reflection, we’ll work with your staff to identify their triggers of unconscious bias. We’ll then provide practical tools to overcome unconscious bias in their day-to-day work. We can also run courses for specific management processes, such as recruitment and selection.

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