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  • Our aim is to get more women or BME employees into senior roles.
  • We need to retain our best diverse talent for longer.
  • I want to get the best out of our current Board or senior management team.

We spend a lot of our time observing and assessing workplace cultures. Always impartial, we like to get under the skin of businesses. This helps us better understand the unwritten codes that enable career advancement. And remove the barriers that don’t. We do this by examining your employment data and HR policies, and speaking to staff. All working cultures are complex, but our recommendations will be custom-fit to your goals. We can provide guidance on implementing flexible working policies, for example. Or we can help you remove unconscious bias from your selection processes, making your staff development fairer.

If you’re losing talented people, you’re losing money. We’re specialists in designing interventions that reverse that trend, and track the savings made.

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