Head shot of EW consultant Ben Haslett

Ben Haslett

Organisation Change Consultant and Executive Coach

Ben Haslett is an organisational change specialist with a particular interest in applying coaching skills within groups to encourage highly participative and collaborative ways of unlocking organisational ‘stuckness’. Ben’s coaching work applies positive psychology methods to promote effective leadership and a focus on a client’s self-development. Having performed several global roles while working and living in Europe, the Americas and Asia, he is especially adept at partnering with teams comprised of members from, and working across, different cultures. With nearly 20 years’ experience working in investment banks, enabling and supporting organisations throughout a range of change initiatives, Ben has significant experience of developing high performing teams and has led global initiatives and implementations for several multinational corporations. He has a professional qualification in Change Management consultancy and is currently completing an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. In addition to his consultancy, Ben also works as a Business Mentor for nascent and emerging organisations, to help them develop and flourish.



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