Elonka Soros | EW Group Diversity and Unconscious Bias Consultant

Elonka Soros

Diversity and Unconscious Bias Consultant

Elonka Soros’s vast experience spans across various sectors including the energy sector delivering our Choose Respect programme on tackling bullying and harassment at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. She’s also delivered equality, diversity and inclusion, and unconscious bias training at Radioactive Waste Management. Her adaptable style means she can easily navigate between different industries, delivering engaging diversity programmes that leave participants feeling motivated to cultivate an inclusive culture at work.

Elonka is EW Group’s key diversity and inclusion consultant for the arts and creative industries. Elonka has worked with several national broadcasters across Europe to incorporate unconscious bias tools and techniques into their working places. She has expertly delivered unconscious bias training for Yle and DR, the respective national public service broadcasting companies of Finland and Denmark. Elonka has also carried out workshops for the University of the Arts London, The Sunshine Company, Ofsted, and unconscious bias in recruitment and selection workshops for Massive Entertainment.

Elonka has over twenty years of experience working at the BBC. She spent two years attached to the Office of the BBC Director General, where she oversaw the implementation of a high-profile Diversity Action Plan. Elonka was also the BBC representative on Project Diamond – a pan-industry diversity monitoring tool taken up by the major UK broadcasters (BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky).



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