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Jassy Denison

Conflict and Inclusion Mediator and Trainer

For more than 20 years, Jassy has worked as a trainer, facilitator, and mediator in the field of interpersonal and community conflict. As a conflict practitioner, Jassy brings a range of responsive approaches to working with highly charged situations and areas of concern to increase understanding of self and others; improve relationships and communication skills; and increase people’s sense of power, choice and responsibility. She is an accredited Workplace Mediator (OCN Level 3) and has delivered Conflict Training for Young People and Adults and seminars in White Awareness and Healing Racism for almost two decades.

Jassy is a stronger believer in conflict being an inevitable part of life – but if engaged with effectively, she believes that conflict can be a transformational force that can lead to open, dynamic, proactive, and creative relationships. Jassy has a particular interest in building inclusive cultures and communities, with developing new approaches to understanding and deconstructing race and racism.

Jassy is an approved Mediator and Professional Practice Consultant by the College of Mediators and holds a MSc degree in Psycho-Social Studies, specialised in identity and community conflict.



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