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Lisa Jobson


Lisa Jobson has worked with EW Group for 3 years as a Talent Management Specialist and Management Consultant, more recently as Interim MD, and currently Director at EW Group with a primary focus on sales & marketing activities.

Lisa is a talent management specialist with an enthusiasm for supporting businesses in determining the focus and strategic importance of diversity in achieving business goals and gaining a competitive advantage. She’s led inclusive leadership training for Neon Underwriting and Cushman & Wakefield. Additionally, she’s designed and delivered unconscious bias for managers workshops for ABN Amro.

Lisa has more than twenty years of experience in the technology and finance recruitment sectors. She was previously a member of the UK & Ireland Professional Recruitment Board of Harvey Nash Plc. In 2008, Lisa became Harvey Nash’s first Director of Talent with the brief to design and implement a talent management strategy for Group businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Lisa managed the culture change programme ‘Inclusive @ Harvey Nash’, and was a member of the executive steering committee responsible for the company’s National Equality Standard accreditation process. Harvey Nash successfully achieved the accreditation in 2017 becoming the first UK recruitment company to do so.


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23 March 2021 | Lisa Jobson



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