Llisa Prater - Equity & Diversity Specialist

Llisa Prater

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Llisa Prater is an innovative leader with a proven track record of assessing, planning and delivering diversity and inclusion programmes. With experience in Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources, career advising and all things people and culture, her passion for people is infectious. She’s worked in a variety of industries from entertainment, academia, retail, utility/energy and as an independent consultant working with nonprofits and start-ups.

Llisa has extensive experience in DEI strategy development, ERGs, training development and facilitation, communication strategies and community engagement. She has built a DEI program from the ground up for a 10k+ employee organization as well as worked with small organizations to build DEI strategies. She creates unique approaches to building an environment where all employees feel included and valued for who they are.



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