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Lateesha Osbourne and Rachael Wilson

Identity and Belonging – Black students’ experiences of racism within higher education

In this episode, Rachael Wilson is joined by Lateesha Osbourne to discuss her pHD research into black students’ sense of…

Babita Sharma Headshot

Babita Sharma: Anchoring on Social History

Babita Sharma discusses her career so far, class, representation and finding a platform for her very personal story.

Building an inclusive culture - Yvonne and Safina

Building an anti-racist and inclusive culture

EW Group diversity consultants Safina Nadeem and Yvonne Howard look back on 2020 from the perspective of COVID-19 and anti-racism.

Winston Clements Diversity Inclusion Consultant

Disability, Race and Building Resilience

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and Resilience Speaker, Winston Clements, joins reWorked with Catherine Manser. Having been born with a rare…

EW reWorked Diversity and Inclusion Podcast

Project Race with Rob Neil OBE

Rachael Wilson talks to Rob Neil OBE, Head of Project Race at the Ministry of Justice about his experience as…