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Lateesha Osbourne and Rachael Wilson

Identity and Belonging – Black students’ experiences of racism within higher education

In this episode, Rachael Wilson is joined by Lateesha Osbourne to discuss her pHD research into black students’ sense of…

Social mobility podcast – From education, to recruitment and the workplace

Social mobility – From education, to recruitment and the workplace

Karen Fonseka, Diversity Consultant, talks to Edmund Newell, Principal and Chief Executive at Cumberland Lodge, about social mobility.

Femi Otitoju and Jane Farrell

Our Founders: Reflecting on 30 years in DE&I with Femi Otitoju and Jane Farrell

Nicole Benton speaks to Femi Otitoju, founder of Challenge Consultancy, and Jane Farrell, co-founder of EW Group, about their journeys…

Authentic-Communications-LGBTQ-History Month-Pride

Authentic Communications for LGBT+ History Month & Pride

Polly Shute and Tash Thomas, EW Group Diversity & Inclusion Consultants, discuss how organisations can create authentic communications to acknowledge…

Tom Shakespeare portrait photo - EW Group

Tom Shakespeare on Disability, Storytelling and Overcoming Adversity

As one of the UK’s leading social scientists, Tom Shakespeare discusses giving a voice to the lived experience of disabled…

Agnes Fletcher portrait photo - EW Group

Disability: visibility, equality and inclusion

To mark the recent 25-year anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, David Ruebain and Agnes Fletcher, look back at…

Karen Kennard portrait photo - EW Group

Socioeconomic disadvantage in education and student bursaries

Karen Kennard first witnessed the difficulty of students being able to access information about education bursaries when her son embarked…

Mark Runacus portrait photo - EW Group

Achieving diverse and authentic representations through your advertising and marketing

Outvertising is a not-for-profit advertising and marketing advocacy group that collaborates with brands to push for increased and more diverse…

Winston Clements Diversity Inclusion Consultant

Disability, Race and Building Resilience

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and Resilience Speaker, Winston Clements, joins reWorked with Catherine Manser. Having been born with a rare…

Reggie Nelson portrait photo - EW Group

Inspiring change and social mobility

Reggie Nelson joins Lisa on the reWorked podcast to discuss how knocking on doors in one of London’s richest neighbourhoods…

David Ruebain Diversity Audit Specialist

Diversity and Inclusion: the past and the future

David speaks candidly about his career in D&I, from his work as an education and equality lawyer to his critical…

Matt Salmon portrait photo - EW Group

Encouraging diversity in advertising at Channel 4

Matt Salmon, Head of Agency & Client Sales and Commercial Marketing at Channel 4, joins us to discuss C4’s Diversity…