Inclusive Recruitment

Workplace culture continues to adapt and respond to the wider world. Covid turned our working lives upside down; Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement changed our expectations of what a responsible and inclusive business looks like. Society, culture and work now overlap in ways we have not seen before.

The reWorked podcast provides a space to explore how business can respond to this complex, and sometimes contested, landscape. We speak to leading thinkers and doers about their ideas for what an inclusive workplace looks like in 2023.

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Disability in Tech podcast - Winston Clements and Matthew Gough

Disability in Tech with Winston Ben Clements & Matthew Gough

Winston Clements, EW Group Disability & Inclusion Specialist, talks to Matthew Gough, HR Business Partner at Element, about the bias…

Nicki Pritchard, Managing Partner and Founder at Anderson Quigley

Inclusive recruitment and how to retain diverse employees with EW client, Anderson Quigley

Rachael and Nicki discuss the importance of the recruitment industry in driving diversity and inclusivity, and how Anderson Quigley has…

Emily Watton portrait photo - EW Group

Navigating the job market as a visually impaired candidate

Join Lisa and Emily in conversation about Emily’s experience as a visually impaired candidate navigating the job market post-university and…

Reggie Nelson portrait photo - EW Group

Inspiring change and social mobility

Reggie Nelson joins Lisa on the reWorked podcast to discuss how knocking on doors in one of London’s richest neighbourhoods…

Inclusive recruitment podcast - Rachael Wilson

How to rework inclusive recruitment

In this episode, Rachael offers help and advice on inclusive recruitment in the third part of our 'How to Rework'…

EW reWorked Diversity and Inclusion Podcast

Inclusive Recruitment with Mabel Garcia

This week Rachael speaks to Mabel Garcia, People, Culture and EDI Manager for the construction division based in the UK…

EW reWorked Diversity and Inclusion Podcast

The Return Hub with Dominie Moss

Rachael talks to Dominie Moss, founder of The Return Hub, a unique recruitment firm about what her company is doing…

Caroline Arnold Diversity Inclusion Consultant

Power Up Your Career with Caroline Arnold

Rachael talks to Caroline Arnold, an executive coach and EW diversity & inclusion specialist, about how coaching and how it…

Gemma Lloyd portrait photo - EW Group

Gender Equality in Recruitment

In this episode, we catch up with Gemma Lloyd, founder of the recruitment app Work180, about gender equality in recruitment.