Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Training

Prevent bullying, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace

With anti-harassment and discrimination training, you can build a positive and healthy workplace that allows all your staff – regardless of their race, gender, beliefs, or any other characteristic – to feel safe and happy at work. In doing so, you can lastingly unleash the potential of your workforce and build an environment that forms a foundation for your success.

EW Group has 30 years’ experience providing anti-discrimination and harassment training and coaching across countless sectors. Our expertise and organisational approach will ensure your leaders, managers, and staff meet their legal responsibilities, tackle unacceptable behaviour, and break down biased and unfair structures and processes.

Ensure your workplace is free from bullying, discrimination and harassment today

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"Refreshing and reassuring… EW Group brought to our discussions exceedingly high levels of knowledge and skill in respect of training and equality and diversity respectively, together with a genuine willingness to meet our identified development needs." David Maguire, Senior Organisational Development and Strategic Learning at Metropolitan Police Service

Why invest in anti-harassment and discrimination training?

Harassment and discrimination can take many forms, from bullying and conflict that creates an uncomfortable and exclusionary working environment, to treating staff in a prejudiced and unreasonable way that hamstrings their ability to professionally progress. Combating it is not only a moral priority for your business, but a legal one; harassment and discrimination are illegal under the Equality Act 2010 and European legislation.

For every instance of bullying and harassment raised in your organisation, there are likely to be many more that have gone unreported. It is critical that your staff understand the types of behaviour which are unacceptable in the workplace – anti-discrimination and harassment training ensures this.

Responding to individual incidents can only go so far. It is only when the company takes a firm, clear, and holistic position on destructive behaviours that progress can be made, and inclusive cultures built. Developing more inclusive behaviours and attitudes through anti-harassment and discrimination training will promote positive practices in your workplace, and drive innovation right across your organisation.

anti-harassment and discrimination

The EW Group Solution – addressing bullying, harassment, and discrimination at work

Our anti-harassment and discrimination training combines:

  • Full training in the law and all legislation on bullying and harassment at work
  • Practical approaches to unwanted behaviours that your delegates can share and promote across the business
  • Guidance on bullying and harassment policy, and signposting to relevant resources.

In certain cases, we may use our acting team to depict real-life workplace scenarios on the subject. These live-action exercises bring to life a range of inappropriate conversations that individuals may be involved in or overhear around the office.

Our diversity consultants will then facilitate a discussion of the grey areas between banter, inappropriate language, and bullying, for example. This ‘experience – reflect – learn’ approach will enable your staff to think through the impact that their behaviour can have on their colleagues.

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Positive, practical, proactive – our approach to anti-harassment and discrimination training

For anti-harassment and discrimination training to succeed, it is crucial that participants don’t feel attacked or uncomfortable. Our discrimination, bullying and harassment workshops create a safe, open environment for your delegates – ideal for developing more inclusive behaviours and attitudes. We always start by acknowledging the difficulties, and approach them as a challenge that we can all respond to positively. By doing so we will engage your delegates with the science behind the subject matter, and so mitigate any sense of sounding accusatory.

Your anti-harassment and discrimination training course will comprise a blend of presentations, real-life case studies, and facilitated activities including individual, small-group and whole-group interactions and reflection. We will tailor the content to your audiences to make sure we offer the right level of interest and challenge and use interactive exercises to build individual accountability. All attendees will also leave with an understanding of the personal and organisational risk around direct and indirect discrimination and harassment.

We find this positive, practical, and proactive approach to workplace training reduces nervousness, takes away fear of the unknown, and enhances your delegates’ ability and confidence to apply what they’ve learned to their working day.

Together your delegates will also explore:

  • Examples of effective communication models that can be used to defuse difficult situations
  • The emotional triggers behind challenging or aggressive behaviours
  • How to use empathy, active listening and assertiveness to encourage positive resolutions
  • Useful strategies to manage the effects of bullying and harassment on the victim.

By the end of the anti-harassment and discrimination training, your delegates will feel able and empowered to demonstrate their:

  • Understanding of UK legislation around discrimination and harassment
  • Recognition of inappropriate language and behaviours, and how to challenge them in others
  • Appreciation of the adverse impact and organisational risk associated with bullying and harassment
  • Belief in inclusive best practice to prevent unwanted behaviours and conflict at work
  • Commitment as staff to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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