Business Update

August - Tackling Racism and Responding to COVID-19

As a consultancy and training company that specialises in EDI for nearly 30 years, we are determined to do everything we can to ensure that we and our clients tackle racism in ways that make a real, practical and sustainable difference to the experiences that black people are subject to in and out of the workplace. We will continue to listen, reflect and learn, and work in partnership with our clients to ensure the current focus on systemic racism is addressed in the day to day work of organisations next week, next month, and next year.

Racism at work – inclusive leaders must focus their attention and act
What does inclusive leadership look and feel like during the current pandemic?
COVID-19 is not a great leveller: the task is up to inclusive leaders

We understand that so much has changed for our clients during this global pandemic. Alongside other businesses that have found safe ways to continue working, here at EWG we are 100% tuned into supporting our clients. Our blended delivery model has come into its own with programmes now being delivered to senior executives and all staff using a combination of e-learning, facilitated virtual sessions and group action planning.

Bridging the gap with e-learning

Anti-racism has risen very quickly to become a main priority for many organisations and where in the past racism in the workplace may have been brushed over, now it is the primary focus for D&I leaders and their peers. Our suite of diversity e-learning modules covering equality, diversity and inclusion, an introduction to unconscious bias, culture and conduct, and inclusive recruitment and selection, is a cost-effective and accessible way to start the internal conversation by revisiting the fundamentals of the legal framework, understanding our bias and resulting behaviours, and recognising discrimination.

Analysis and diagnostics expertise

Many firms are now looking ahead and preparing for the phased return to work; what are the specifics we need to consider, how can we take advantage of the implementation of revised processes and working space requirements to actively deliver the most inclusive solutions for all groups within our workforce?

To support these business change requirements, we can offer analysis and diagnostic expertise to inform the rationale behind policy redesign, including Equality Impact Assessments specific to Public Sector organisations. All research can be undertaken remotely and report findings delivered virtually, with ongoing support available from our team of diversity audit specialists.

Take action and demonstrate commitment

There is a real sense of urgency from our clients to respond and take action in order to demonstrate a firm commitment to change both internally and externally. Having current data and feedback at hand to underpin priorities and decision making is more important than ever. Our Diversity Development Standard offers organisations the opportunity to verify that their current practices are fit for purpose in driving process and cultural change. As an externally audited accreditation, the DDS benchmarks best practice in diversity, inclusion and wellbeing, and supports the drive towards continuous improvement through its three award levels (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

So whether your priority is continuing with transformation and change, and delivering virtual training on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership at a distance, or moving through to embedding key messages and awareness, we are ready to consult, inform and educate inline with your specific areas of focus.

Get in touch for help and advice on any aspect of diversity analysis and planning, as well as online delivery