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December - Anti-Racism and Allyship

As a consultancy and training company that has specialised in EDI for nearly 30 years, we are determined to do everything we can to ensure that both ourselves and our clients tackle racism in ways that make a real, practical and sustainable difference to the experiences that black people are subject to in and out of the workplace. We will continue to listen, reflect and learn, and work in partnership with our clients to ensure the current focus on systemic racism is addressed in the day-to-day work of organisations next week, next month, and next year.

Racial microaggressions: definition, examples and practical actions
Racism at work – inclusive leaders must focus their attention and act

Start talking about race

Our work on anti-racism continues to gain momentum. Having spent time listening and gaining greater insight into the experiences of black colleagues, our clients are now focusing on creating a structure of support, input and representation. The sessions we’ve been delivering on anti-racism have been with staff members of all levels and aim to encourage people to start talking about race. The intention is to spark new conversations that are inevitably uncomfortable but if we don’t understand racism we can’t begin to dismantle it.

As well as considering internal support, there’s a need to outline clear guidance and good practice for those who serve or care for members of the Black and minority ethnic community. Getting terminology and language right and learning how to respond in different situations will build confidence and show support to externally facing staff.

Establishing Black employee networks, reinvigorating the purpose of D&I Committees, and distilling the output from group conversations into determined action with clear measurement criteria, are all helping to shape a real push for change.

A deeper level of support and empathy will create a more inclusive culture but the need to address the systemic racism and bias that continues to prevail within businesses is where attention now needs to be focussed.

Business in the Community (BITC)’s 2018 Race at Work survey shows that 33% of black employees believe their ethnicity will be a barrier to their next career move, in stark contrast to just 1% of white employees. For sustained change, this focus on education, understanding and the removal of conscious and unconscious bias from our internal systems and processes, is the priority.

Analysis and diagnostics expertise

Establishing a starting point relating to any determined action makes good sense and enables internal communication around “Where we are… what’s working and where we want to be…”. Then closely followed by mapping out the ultimate ambition and anticipated steps required to make the progress needed.

We can offer support to enable these business change requirements with analysis and diagnostic expertise to inform the rationale behind policy redesign and cultural realignment, including Equality Impact Assessments specific to Public Sector organisations. All research can be undertaken remotely and report findings delivered virtually, with ongoing support available from our team of diversity audit specialists.

Take action and demonstrate commitment

Having current data and feedback at hand to underpin priorities and decision making is more important than ever. Our Diversity Development Standard offers organisations the opportunity to verify that their current practices are fit for purpose in driving process and cultural change. As an externally audited accreditation, the DDS benchmarks best practice in diversity, inclusion and wellbeing, and supports the drive towards continuous improvement through its three award levels (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

So whether your priority is raising awareness across your entire population in a scalable way without losing impact and relevance, or moving through to executing change through the collective reach of employee networks, we are ready to consult, inform and educate inline with your specific areas of focus.

Get in touch for help and advice on any aspect of diversity analysis and planning, as well as online delivery.