Change Management

Bespoke change management consultancy programmes

Effective change management doesn’t come easily. Organisations are in a constant state of flux. They must adapt and evolve as best they can to suit the climate in which they do business. Our change management consultancy can support you with the expertise needed to navigate the more uncertain times in your company journey.

At key points in your organisational development, you’ll need to revisit the existing models, values and culture of the business so they better suit the new world in which you work, whatever that may look like. Mergers, redundancy, TUPE transfers and changing client demands are just some of the factors that will drive change and demand a fresh look at the systems you have in place.

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The EW Group Solution – Creating a roadmap for successful change management

Managing change is a major challenge. 70% of all change initiatives fail, according to the CIPD’s Landing Transformational Change report in 2015. That’s why we roll our sleeves up and get to know your organisation inside-out. By doing so, we’ll create change management workshops, tools and resources with real traction, and with diversity and inclusion best practices woven in.

"By working in partnership in a 'live', active way with EW Group… we produced much more than just a business plan. The learning has been far more significant, more far reaching and sustained in a way that training or development could not have achieved.”Annette Hennessy, Chief Executive of Merseyside CRC

Looking for expert support in managing change?

Your most engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave your organisation
Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to get the full potential out of their staff

As with all our work, our approach to change management is positive, practical and creative. Change requires different mindsets, with an emphasis on what can be done rather than what can’t.

We’ll work with you to plan out change management training initiatives that are supported by best practices and guiding principles. You’ll receive customised toolkits on a variety of change management issues, such as transition, integration, people development and stakeholder engagement.

As part of the process, we’ll look at a range of key change management deliverables, including how you can set about:

  • Establishing authentic and convincing change narratives
  • Achieving staff buy-in
  • Building capacity and skills
  • Communicating and engaging with internal and external audiences
  • Horizon scanning and scenario planning
  • Measuring success and mindset change.