Cultural Adaptability

Cultural Adaptability is our ability to recognise, understand and work effectively within a range of different contexts where there are different cultural norms.


Why is Cultural Adaptability so important? 

Cultural differences can cause friction – to the detriment of an organisation and the people who work there.  One person’s cultural norm can be another’s source of stress. And this can affect how we give and receive feedback, resolve conflict, who we respect and how decisions are bought into. This is especially true during periods of change – whether that is during organisational restructure, mergers or simply a change of reporting lines. (For more on cultural adaptability check out our post What is Cultural Adaptability and why do you need it.)

Who would benefit from this training? 

Our Cultural Adaptability half-day training workshop is suitable for anyone working in a global or international business with colleagues in other countries or from different cultural backgrounds. 

What are the benefits of cultural adaptability training?

  • It provides support for colleagues in recognising, understanding and working effectively within a range of contexts where there are different cultural norms. 
  • It can avoids relationship and project breakdown due to cultural clashes which can negatively affect productivity, profit and your employees experience of work. 
  • It encourages thinking and work practices which will facilitate teamwork and drive performance across diverse teams in geographically dispersed locations. Globalised working is a trend which is here to stay. 
  • It opens up the possibilities of expanding into globalised markets.
  • It offers culturally diverse customer support.
  • It builds on knowledge and invests in relationships which will allow solutions to be found for problems, quickly and effectively.
  • It develops an organisation’s reputation as an international employer of choice.

What’s covered?

This is half-day workshop focuses on understanding the impact of different cultural norms and how to address these effectively. It’s a highly interactive session that will give delegates the opportunity to recognise and reflect on where cultural differences have an effect on working patterns and relationships, and how they can plan to deal with these effectively.

At the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:  

  • Understand and build knowledge around a range of cultural norms.
  • Build capability in communicating effectively in different styles and approaches.
  • Ensure that teams are working inclusively across cultures.


Tell us about cultural challenges. We'll do the rest.

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