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For 30 years, EW Group has delivered bespoke equality, diversity and inclusion training courses for countless large and small organisations. Suitable for staff at all levels, across all sectors, our training will develop your staff’s ability to form and apply inclusive principles to their work to overcome problems such as unconscious bias, bullying and poor employee wellbeing. What’s more, it will support your business and its leaders in delivering an organisational culture that understands and delivers on equality and diversity, and is up to date with all relevant equality law and diversity principles.

Our practical, positive methodology focuses on real-life scenarios, bringing relevant experiences to life for your delegates. As a result, your staff will respond more effectively to difference – between their colleagues and customers alike – and leverage it to their, their business’ and wider society’s advantage. Leading-edge equality, diversity and inclusion training is available whatever your challenges, requirements or goals; we offer flexible ways to deliver training, from workshops and actor-based scenarios, to 1:1 facilitation, group webinars and e-learning courses.

Diversity training built to your unique challenges and requirements

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"Refreshing and reassuring… EW Group brought to our discussions exceedingly high levels of knowledge and skill in respect of training and equality and diversity respectively, together with a genuine willingness to meet our identified development needs." David Maguire, Senior Organisational Development and Strategic Learning at Metropolitan Police Service

Your needs, our expertise – our collaborative approach to diversity training design

Our experience shows us that the most effective equality, diversity and inclusion training courses are tailor-made to reflect the culture and values of the organisation we’re working with. We want to understand your business, your culture and your challenges, which is why we place such an emphasis on client-led, collaborative design.

This tailoring accounts for current levels of knowledge and understanding, existing good practice, and your current and future challenges. To ensure maximum impact, our diversity consultants will usually start with a thorough training needs analysis, including:

  • An inception meeting to agree success criteria for the training
  • Understanding your related policies, documentation and guidance
  • Reviewing your existing training materials, plus current frameworks and/or findings of previous evaluations
  • Telephone interviews with a sample of staff/managers/senior leaders to understand roles and challenges.

We’ll take the time to understand your specific diversity priorities, as well as any instances of inappropriate behaviour that may have occurred. This way your training course will have its own defined set of KPIs, allowing you to track and report on progress made on workplace inclusion.

Our approach when delivering equality, diversity and inclusion training is always to start with what is already being done well, using this as a foundation on which to build your understanding and capabilities. Our delivery is always practical, positive and solution-focused, and we believe that carefully considering the diversity of your delegates is key to attaining high engagement.

Your training programmes will be cross-cultural and interdisciplinary in their approach. The design phase will take into account all strands of diversity – including but not limited to the protected characteristics in law – in both the content and the delivery of your training course.

Diverse organisations are 45% more likely to improve their market share
85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance

Inclusion and diversity training – a sample course outline

The core components of our all-staff equality, diversity and inclusion courses include:

"The actor-based training was innovative and thought-provoking. A great experiential learning exercise." Valerie Todd, Former Talent and Resources Director at Crossrail

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