Equality, Diversity and Inclusion e-learning

Introduce diversity and inclusion to your team through this e-learning module.

Our award-winning Equality, Diversity and Inclusion e-learning module has been designed by our expert team to ensure everyone understands the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion, and what this means for organisations.

Through the use of interactive exercises, acted video content and learning checks, you will learn subject terminology, understand the legislation that protects everybody in regard to diversity and inclusion and what this means for you and your colleagues. You will also better understand why equality, diversity and inclusion are important, and how embracing diversity contributes to increased business performance.

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Who is this e-learning module for?

Suitable for all sectors, industries and for staff at all levels, the course will develop understanding of diversity fundamentals and how principles can be applied in the workplace. This will support your organisation in being one that delivers on equality and diversity and harnesses the benefits this brings.


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"The actor-based training was innovative and thought-provoking. A great experiential learning exercise." Valerie Todd, Former Talent and Resources Director at Crossrail
Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to get the full potential out of their staff
Your workforce could be 10-30% more productive if all your LGBT employees felt comfortable being out at work

Course overview

Your team will leave this course with comprehensive understanding of EDI in the workplace. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion e-learning module will enable you to:

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