Diversity Audit and Analysis

Diversity analysis tools for your business

Understanding your organisation’s diversity profile is the foundation from which to build an inclusive business. We can work with you to make a diversity analysis of your areas of strength, as well as current challenges. In the short-term we’ll identify your quick wins. Looking ahead, we’ll explore the resources needed for more ambitious culture change programmes.

Equal Scale

We combine data and documentary diversity analysis with staff consultation. You’ll gain new insights into the systemic or cultural barriers that hinder the attraction, recruitment and progression of diverse talent. Our diagnostic reports will then inform the design of strategy, training and action planning on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Organisations can progress to gain external validation of their diversity work with our Diversity in Business Accreditation audit.

We also run Diversity Data training courses which are open to all individuals and organisations.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity Consultants Supply Chain Inclusion

We believe that supply chain management and supplier diversity go hand in hand.

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Diversity Research Consultants Inclusion EW Group

Our diversity research and analysis services are essential to effective workforce development and enhanced customer outreach.

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Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment Training Analysis Consultancy

Delivering public services that offer equality of access requires complex decision-making.

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Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Consultants EW Group

Gender pay gap reporting regulations came into full effect for the first time in the UK in 2018. EW Group offer expert guidance on gender pay gap analysis and action-planning to help identify your strategic priorities and reap the business benefits.

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Diversity Data Reporting Diagnostics EW Group

Our diversity diagnostic tools provide you with detailed insights into a particular area of your business.

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Diversity in Business Accreditation

Inclusive Leadership Development Coaching Facilitation EW Group

The Diversity in Business Accreditation is our recognised equality standard.

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"The team at EW Group are experts in their field so you know you are in safe hands. DiBA is a fundamental business tool providing recognition of achievements and recommendations for improvements, while providing a mechanism for employees to have a say in a confidential setting."Tali Shlomo, HR Director at the Chartered Insurance Institute (on our Diversity in Business Accreditation)
85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance
Diverse groups outperform homogeneous ones by 58% in team assessments