Diversity Audits and Analysis

Auditing and analytical tools that hone your business’ diversity efforts

Understanding your organisation’s diversity profile is the foundation on which to build an inclusive, effective business. To ensure this, our experts will work with you to perform an equality, diversity, and inclusion audit and analysis that precisely identifies your business’ challenges and areas of strength. From here, we will propose effective, short-term action, before identifying the resources and efforts required to craft and ensure the ongoing success of ambitious, long-term culture change programmes.

We combine data and documentary diversity analysis with staff consultation, giving you new insights into the systemic or cultural barriers that hinder the attraction, recruitment, and progression of diverse talent. Our diagnostic reports inform the design of strategy, training, and action planning on equality, diversity, and inclusion, including on the gender pay gapsupplier diversity, and equality impact assessments.

Additionally, we run diversity data training courses open to all individuals and organisations wishing to develop their approach to measuring and analysing diversity. And once your efforts have matured, you can progress to gain external validation of your diversity work with our externally assessed accreditation, the Diversity Development Standard.

Understand your organisation’s diversity with audits and analysis.

Diversity Diagnostics

Our diversity diagnostic tools provide you with detailed insights into a particular area of your business, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.

Gender Pay Gap

EW Group offers expert guidance on gender pay gap analysis and action-planning to help identify your strategic priorities and reap the business benefits.

Diversity Development Standard

The Diversity Development Standard is our externally assessed diversity accreditation that creates goals for the future, whilst recognising your D&I achievements.

Equality Impact Assessment

Delivering public services that offer equality of access requires complex decision-making. Find out more about our Equality Impact Assessment.

Bespoke Diversity Research

Diversity research and analysis services identify internal barriers in your organisation, creating space for positive responses and outcomes.

Supplier Diversity

We believe that supply chain management and supplier diversity go hand in hand. See how this service can benefit your organisation.

"The team at EW Group are experts in their field so you know you are in safe hands. The Diversity Development Standard (formally known as DiBA), is a fundamental business tool providing recognition of achievements and recommendations for improvements, while providing a mechanism for employees to have a say in a confidential setting." Tali Shlomo, HR Director at the Chartered Insurance Institute
85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance
Diverse groups outperform homogeneous ones by 58% in team assessments

Learn more about diversity audits and analysis

Interested in charting and quantifying your business’ equality, diversity, and inclusion efforts? Explore the following to learn more:

Diversity audits may seem complex, but countless businesses have used them to empower staff, attract the best talent, and enjoy the significant benefits to innovation and business performance diversity and inclusion audits bring. Hear from HR, business, and equality, diversity, and inclusion professionals about their first-hand experiences in our podcast, reWorked.

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