Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Policy Design

Establish valuable diversity and inclusion strategies and policies with expert tailored guidance

Effective and intelligent diversity and inclusion strategies and policies are critical to ensuring your organisation attracts and accommodates diverse talent and customers.

EW Group has significant, longstanding experience in assessing organisations’ diversity policies and inclusive working practices, and making recommendations for their immediate and strategic development.

Our diversity consultants design and deliver facilitated sessions for staff and senior leaders. Together, we will engage individuals from all parts of your business, using their insights to create a set of common goals to apply across all divisions.

EW Group’s established diversity research principles allow us to throw new light on the experiences of different groups within your workforce. We can then use this to build up a picture of your company for use as a benchmark, and the basis from which you can develop an action plan on diversity.

Benefit from a purpose-built diversity and inclusion strategy, and policies that make a meaningful difference.

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How our consultancy helps shape your diversity and inclusion strategy and policy

Our diversity and inclusion experts will ensure the performance of your business’ D&I strategies and policies in the following ways:

– Supporting your in-house diversity champions, networks, and working groups

– Developing a shared understanding of what an inclusive culture would look like at your organisation, and the business benefits of diversity

– Creating a clear diversity roadmap setting out your vision for where the company wants to be, and the actions and milestones needed to get there

– Building a framework for cascading your diversity action plan all the way through your business.

With our support, you can exercise meaningful change within your organisation, ensure your focus on diversity and inclusion becomes a firm part of your workplace culture, then experience the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

"Our commission to EW Group is an investment already starting to pay dividends." Jon Restell, Chief Executive at Managers in Partnership
85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance
Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to get the full potential out of their staff

Diversity roadmaps and action plans that work for you

Understanding your organisation’s diversity profile is the foundation from which to build an inclusive business. We will work with you to perform an analysis that identifies your areas of strength, as well as current challenges and areas you can improve upon.

In the short-term, we will identify a range of quick wins unique to your organisation. Looking ahead, we will explore the resources required for more ambitious culture change programmes.

Typically, we will combine data and documentary diversity analysis, with interviews alongside a small selection of your staff and business leaders. These will take the form of structured and confidential small group and/or one-to-one conversations.

Our initial findings will inform the group’s co-creation of a diversity roadmap and action plan. From here, we can then design and facilitate a session focused on progressing you towards diversity maturity and a set of common diversity goals.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion strategy and policy

Learn more about what goes in to crafting powerful diversity and inclusion strategies and policies with our helpful guides:

– Strategies for managing diversity and cultural differences in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion strategies and policies are important to making your workplace welcoming and accommodating. For more information about how they can support your organisation, also see our workplace guide on strategies for managing diversity.

Talk to us about your diversity policy or strategy needs.