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Unconscious Bias e-Learning

By August 21, 2018Uncategorised

Unconscious Bias e-Learning

Unconscious Bias Training Actors EW Group

Unconscious Bias

EW Group are specialists in leading-edge unconscious bias training. We offer a range of in-person training courses, online e-learning modules and innovative actor-based workshops aimed at addressing unconscious bias in the workplace.

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Unconscious Bias E-learning for Managers

Unconscious Bias for Managers

An extension of our all-staff course, our unconscious bias e-learning for managers will guide your learners through a series of performance management and decision-making moments that are prone to bias.

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Unconscious Bias e-learning EW Group

Unconscious Bias for All Staff

Our unconscious bias e-learning courses use practical, engaging activities to develop your staff members’ ability and confidence to work more inclusively.

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