Unconscious Bias for All Staff

Award-winning unconscious bias elearning from EW Group

Our unconscious bias e-learning courses use practical, engaging activities to develop your staff members’ ability and confidence to work more inclusively.

We regularly run live webinars to walk you through our innovative approach to unconscious bias e-learning. Head to our Events page for the next demo date.

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Developing genuine awareness of how unconscious bias operates – and practical tools to overcome it – will allow your business to make the most of the diversity at its disposal. Our elearning explores not only the science and theory of unconscious bias but also what your people can actually do about it day in, day out.

We use acted video content to show typical workplace scenarios in which unconscious bias might appear. We check and test understanding along the way, and provide practical takeaways that your staff can begin using immediately at work.

This approach is proven to be effective in changing attitudes and behaviours: our recent course for global recruiters Harvey Nash demonstrated a 96% increase in understanding and confidence around unconscious bias. The programme won the Nimble eLearning Course of Year Award for 2017.

Diversity eLearning Award Winner Unconscious Bias Training

"Diversity and inclusion has become a common language in the business over the past 12 months. The custom e-learning developed by EW Group was a new departure for us but it has had a noticeable effect on our ability to self-reflect and be aware about unconscious bias. The e-learning was embraced by everyone in the company. Working with EW Group enabled us to communicate key messages, new ideas and fresh approaches. The response has been great."Lisa Jobson, Former Director of Talent at Harvey Nash

Specialists in bespoke e-learning to address unconscious bias in the workplace

Our e-learning design is built around real-life scenarios. We’ll make your learners aware that unconscious bias exists in all of us, and then focus on the steps they can be practically take to overcome it.

We’ll collaborate with you to design an unconscious bias elearning package that really resonates with your target audiences. Course length, where the module is hosted, and how your learners are assessed are all up to you.

Components included in your unconscious bias e-learning course may include, but not be limited to:

  • The psychology and science of unconscious bias, and the latest research on the subject
  • Definitions and key concepts
  • Considering the legal context of unconscious bias
  • How unconscious bias affects your decision making and problem solving
  • How unconscious bias impacts on your organisational culture
  • Cultural conflict at work
  • Skills, tools and techniques to overcome unconscious bias
  • Facilitated reflection
  • Strategic action planning to address unconscious bias

We encourage all participants to consider the implications that wider difference (for example, social class) has on the decisions they make. We focus on what can be done, given that we all have biases.

In practical terms this will mean building individual awareness of unconscious bias, developing an understanding of its impact in the workplace, and giving learners a series of practical strategies they can apply to their daily decision-making.

Actor-based scenario content for leading-edge e-learning

Our e-learning design includes the option to feature acted workplace scenarios in the form of videos. These thought-provoking short films drive the key themes and messages home, increasing learner engagement and course impact. We can use either our existing filmed scenarios or create bespoke scripted content to make them more specific to your unique diversity challenges.

Watch the video below for an example of our actor-based scenarios on unconscious bias in the workplace. How do you think the conversation goes? What you change anything?

"Consultancy that makes a positive difference to business performance. A reputable leader in their field."Valerie Todd, Former Talent and Resources Director at Crossrail

Ready for unconscious bias e-learning?

Unconscious Bias e-learning EW Group

Change-making not box-ticking – unconscious bias elearning with practical outcomes

We’re experts in experiential and actor-based elearning, guiding your staff through real-life scenarios that will resonate with their day jobs.

Our unconscious bias elearning modules use a range of specially created video and audio content. Made bespoke to you, this content deepens understanding of the subtleties of unconscious bias in the workplace.

By the end of the e-learning, your learners will have the skills they need to:

  • Clearly articulate their commitment to overcoming unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Acknowledge the subtle ways in which unconscious bias plays out at work
  • Feel clear about the various aspects within their roles that may be prone to unconscious bias (in decision making, for example)
  • Identify opportunities to promote diversity best practice and cultural intelligence
  • Employ a set of practical tools and action plans to address unconscious bias, assumption and stereotyping wherever they work.

Why e-learning for your unconscious bias training?

We know companies are always on the lookout for smarter, greener and more cost-effective ways of training their staff. Our unconscious bias elearning packages offer the means to develop skills with unbeatable flexibility and value for money. Each stand-alone module will be designed to reflect your own visual identity, with company logos and corporate colours.

Our courses will also:

  • Appeal to all learning styles, across multiple platforms (including tablets and smartphones)
  • Bring case studies and scenarios to life with our actor-based video content
  • Use a range of interactive tasks and quizzes to engage your learners and help them recall what they’ve learned
  • Provide clear signposting to further reading and resources on the subject
  • Offer consistency of message to all your learners.

EW Group has a proven track record over the past 25 years of delivering diversity and unconscious bias training programmes to the public, private and third sectors. Our recent elearning clients include Harvey NashHighways Englandthe CQC, the NHS, the BBC, the British Institute of Human Rights, Crossrail, Mansell/Balfour Beatty and the Law Society of Scotland.

We’re specialists in the field, working across all types of difference and not limited to protected characteristics. Developing cultural intelligence and awareness of inclusive practice underpins all of our e-learning courses. We emphasise your existing areas of good practice, before looking to build on it in proactive, practical ways.

We take a cross-cultural approach to unconscious bias: taking into account all strands of diversity and tailoring the elearning to your challenges and strategic goals. Our e-learning courses are also comprehensive in their coverage of equality law and diversity principles.

Ready to get started with your unconscious bias e-learning?

How can we measure the impact of the unconscious bias e-learning programme?

You can choose to host your unconscious bias e-learning on our own dedicated learner management system, or take delivery of SCORM-compliant files to manage the programme yourselves.

Hosting your e-learning with us means we’ll be able to generate detailed reports for you on delegate engagement, plus segmented analysis of any assessment elements to gauge levels of understanding.