“We asked EW Group to facilitate the first meeting of a group of lay member leaders, embarking on a new two-year term. The committee had a tradition of great corp d’esprit and high quality, thoughtful discussion but had been weak on delivering action between its meetings. The culture of our national committee began to shift during the session, as people worked on real issues in a different way. Jane Farrell led us expertly through sessions on appreciative inquiry, storytelling and prioritising action and shaped the energy, excitement and optimism of the group over 24 hours. Her careful preparatory work and interviews with the group honed the programme and created interest and zip before people entered the room. I was very impressed with Jane’s skill in building rapport with and between members of the group and challenging us at the right moment. I’m delighted with the outcome: a team determined to deliver a programme of big and small actions, hold each other accountable and become a new source of leadership for managers in health and care services. Our commission to EW Group is an investment already starting to pay dividends.”

Jon Restell, Chief Executive of Managers in Partnership